Cupcake Wars!

We had such a fun experience being on the Food Network and their TV show Cupcake Wars! We felt it was an opportunity to showcase One Sweet Slice and demonstrate what our style is. Our background and experience with wedding cakes helped us out in more ways than design. It prepared us for the stress and time pressure we felt during the taping of the show.

We are so thankful for our customers that kept on asking us to apply for Cupcake Wars! Without their constant urging.....who knows what would have happened!

Here is some information from the show:

AIR DATE: Sunday September 9th, 2012

CHANNEL: Food Network

THEME: Star Wars! (how cool is that?!)


Check out our display! The famous TIE Fighter! Did you know that this display was was going to be trashed but we were able to donate it to the largest private Star Wars collection. That is AWESOME! Here is a blog post about it:


Star Wars Blog