How to Deliver a Wedding Cake


21 Tips to Make Cake Delivery Less Stressful



As mentioned in the Tips to Save on Your Wedding Cake blog post, I mentioned how delivery costs can be a significant portion of your cake cost. I estimate it can be 10% - 20% of your final price. If you would like to save $30 - $75 please consider the following tips.


1. The most important tip is to ensure that the wedding cake is properly structured to withstand the turns, bumps, braking, heat and other crazy drivers. This would be a great question to ask your cake decorator - How do you structure the wedding cake to make sure it arrives safely? I would say that the most important aspect is that a dowel rod is hammered through the center of the cake (from the top) all the way to the bottom cake board. This is key. Each tier needs it's own set of dowel rods (wood or plastic) to support the tier above it. If the cake is extremely tall, narrow or a topsy turvey one - they will need a thick wooden dowel rod screwed to the bottom of the base, which will also be a piece of wood board. This does make the cake HEAVY but it will keep it safe.


2. No slip pads - you place a 1ft x 1ft cut piece of no slip pad under the wedding. This helps it not slip and move during the transportation of the cake. These can be purchased at any craft store or even Walmart.


3. Flat surface - The vehicle needs to have a flat surface with plenty of space. If the surface isn't level - the tiers could slide and set up a disaster.


4. Temperature - Crank up the AC! Even in the Spring and Fall time, the car needs to be cold. As fondant, buttercream or the cake heat up it will weaken the structure of the cake.


5. Pre-cooling - Does the cake decorator put the completed cake in the fridge to let it chill? I would recommend it is. If it isn't cooled, the cake could crumble. Try to have it chill for two hours in the fridge, we have cooled cakes in the freezer be avoid that when you can.


6. Sun - keep the cake out of the sun no matter how cool it is outside. A buttercream cake will melt. A fondant cake can melt as well although it takes direct sun for an extend amount of time.


7. Delivery - don't make stops or run errands with the cake in the car. Go directly to the wedding reception center or venue.


8. Padding underneath the cake - we always put a blanket underneath the cakes. It helps absorb the bouncing that occurs even during safe driving. Don't have too thick of a blanket though....I would say a 1/2 inch to an inch thick.


9. Don't hold the cake - just don't do it. It seems like having a passenger holding the cake would be more safe but it isn't.


10. Driving - Take the curves slowly, leave hundreds of feet between you and the driver in front of you. Brake early. You know those times you are stuck behind a driver that might be in their 80's?  Drive like that.


11. Try to deliver outside of the time frame of rush hour, sometimes this is difficult to do but do your best.


12. Always deliver the cake early. This gives you time to well.... take your time. Also, for a cake decorator, if something does happen to the cake you have time to correct the damage.


13. If you are running late - don't rush it. It's best to have a cake delivered in one piece and hopefully the bride will be understanding.


14. Apps to help with traffic - I used the Waze app. This app let's you know if an accident occurs ahead of you so you can reroute accordingly. One time I didn't use Waze and I was delivering a cake from South Jordan to Ogden, there happened to be two serious accidents ahead of me. Luckily we still arrived a few minutes before the start of the wedding.


15. Communication - Communicate with the bride or the 'day of' contact if you are running close to starting time. Open communication is important and it will help with the dispute process if a complain rises.


16. Watch your thumbs - When you are hold the cake with both hands underneath it, watch your thumbs. It's easy to put your thumbs in the cake if you aren't careful. Have your hands flat underneath the cake.


17. Bring emergency supplies - sometimes cakes slip due to someone slamming on their breaks in front of you, or gumpaste flowers might fall off the cake so bring extra royal icing. A fondant smoother and a spatula for buttercream cakes always came in handy. As the cake bumps around, sometimes air bubbles present themselves underneath the fondant. A simple needle and a fondant smoother will easily fix this.


18. Don't be distracted. No texting or calls.


19. The first 2 minutes - keep an eye on the cake as you hit bumps or take turns. If it is bouncing oddly or doesn't seem stable pull over and try to fix the blanket underneath and make sure it is level. Small three tier cakes are pretty easy to deliver. It's when you have a tall cake that you will need to watch it closely.


20. Bring a cart to move the cake from the car to the venue, or have someone help you carry it. Wedding cakes are heavy so be careful. Personally I prefered to carry the cake alone but if it is heavy then you will need someone to help you. Don't be afraid to ask someone working at the venue or even someone in the wedding party. All of the venues we delivered to had extra carts that we would borrow.


21. Last, cakes properly structured with a safe driver can withstand long distances. We have delivered cakes to venues a few hours away but on-site repairs were needed so be prepared with supplies to correct issues. All the issues were minor.


I will add tips as time goes on, if you have other tips please share in the comment section!  









Wedding Cake or Wedding Cupcakes?


Insight for Brides to decide between a wedding cake or cupcakes



Some brides have it all figured out when it comes to their wedding cake but most are researching ideas to see what fits their style, personality and budget best. This post will list the positives on both options and hopefully help you in your decision making process. In the end, this part of the wedding preparation timeline shouldn't take too much of your time or energy. 



Wedding Cake




  • Limitless possibilities for the design.
  • Easy to adjust the style to match your wedding theme.
  • Strong focal point of your wedding, everyone loves to look and comment on the wedding cake.
  • Traditional. If you are sentimental and have a vision of cutting a piece of cake and then shoving it in your husbands face..... :)
  • You can control the servings a bit more, guests can't just take cake without someone cutting it.
  • A dessert bar takes space, a wedding cake is built upward saving space.
  • More formal, similar to traditional but it's expected to have a wedding cake and most of the time it's the focus of the wedding.
  • Easy set-up at time of delivery. You only have one stand to worry about.
  • Multiple options on stands to match your theme or look.




  • Limited on how many flavors you can select.
  • You have one cake, if you or someone drops will be running to the local grocery store.
  • Generally brides don't size their cake right so there can be a lot of left overs.
  • Usually more expensive per serving, this is highly influenced by the design of the cake.
  • A talented cake decorator is hard to come by, which can equal a more expensive price tag when you find the one you want.



Wedding Cupcakes




  • Can serve guests as they arrive instead of having everyone wait for the cake cutting.
  • Less mess and clean up.
  • Can have multiple flavors and colors to match the wedding theme.
  • Most bakers are capable of making cupcakes without messing up the design.
  • Even if you get cupcakes, you can get a 6" cake for you to cut into for the traditional feel.
  • Can look great with a dessert bar. 
  • Everyone loves a good cupcake.
  • Lighter to transport, if you drop a box it only takes out a portion of the dessert.
  • Generally less expensive per serving.
  • Easy to accommodate guests with food dietary restrictions.
  • Unique. Regardless of your design it will be memorable as it is different. More and more brides are having cupcakes at their wedding but it's still a small percentage.
  • Some brides don't want traditional, they like to be different.
  • Easier to accurately estimate the number of guests you will need to serve cupcakes to.
  • More casual.





  • Limited on design options
  • Don't be fooled into thinking that just because it's a cupcake it will be cheap. Mainly speaking to those that want an elegant design on a single cupcake. This is very time consuming for the cake decorator.
  • You will need a large table/area to serve 300 cupcakes. 
  • More man power will be needed to ensure the cupcakes are continually being brought in from the back to fill the cupcake stands.
  • Kids have easy access to cupcakes.
  • There might be a setup fee as it takes at least 30 minutes to set up for 200 cupcakes.
  • You will need to rent a lot more stands, unless you do the cupcake tower. You will also need to return all of them if they are rented.




In the end, this is your wedding. For us when we got married the cost of the cake was a big factor so we let that influence our decision. For others, the groom might want the perfect me we have seen plenty of picky grooms in regards to the wedding cake design.  










Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Cake


.....and not look cheap doing it!


We all want to be frugal, at least a little bit, and save where we can on our wedding day. With over 10 years experience of helping brides save where they can and making wedding cakes I have a few ideas on what can be done to save a bit, but not look cheap. 


It's important to remember that a professional wedding cake decorator is a, well.....professional. They have a unique talent that few can replicate. They spend countless hours practicing and researching techniques to help make your cake look amazing. When you go to a car mechanic, you expect to pay them a high hourly rate. Cake decorators don't charge what mechanics do but please keep in mind that they aren't cheap. If you want an elegant fancy cake then you should expect to pay for it. 



Simple Buttercream Wedding Cake



When my bakery was open, my goal was to work with any budget but not for free. I always looked for ways to reduce costs, but the price only went down when the level of technique or the time to make the cake was reduced. Below are a few tips that I repeatedly did to help save the bride some costs. 



Wedding Cake Tips


1.  Select a Buttercream cake instead of fondant - Although fondant looks smooth and clean, it can be expensive. It used to be my most expensive good when it came to decorating cakes.  Buttercream is making a comeback with popularity and is definitely a 2015 trend. Plus buttercream has plenty of unique design options such as a ruffle buttercream texture or a messy buttercream design. Accent these cakes with a touch of your wedding colors and some fresh flowers and it will look amazing.


2. Keep the size of your cake in check - You might be expecting 200 guests at the wedding, but will all 200 guests be there when the cake is ready to cut and serve? I would say most brides over estimate how large the cake needs to be. The larger number of servings needed, the more expensive the cake will be. Also, make sure you print out the Wilton wedding cake cutting guidelines.  Give this to the person in charge of cutting the cakes. This will help reduce wasted servings.


3. Pick up the wedding cake - This can be nerve racking, but delivery fee's can range from $30 - $75+ depending on the location. This is a significant percentage of your cake and an easy one to save costs on. To do this, you will need to get tips on how to deliver a wedding cake from the designer or search for them online. I would recommend a no slip pad, a blanket folder a few times and a flat surface. If it is in the summer, crank up the AC! This can be risky but it can save you a significant chunk. If you decide to deliver the cake yourself, make sure to read my blog post How to Deliver a Wedding Cake.


4. Styrofoam versus real cake - Have part of your cake made out of styrofoam. It does save time on the baking and cake prep, what it doesn't save on is the design of the cake. If you are going to have a difficult design, then styrofoam probably won't save you much. You will need to ask your cake designer if this is an option that will help you save some cash. I have heard of cake decorators not providing discounts for this.


5. The extras - Figurines, gumpaste flowers - having a professional cake decorator make gumpaste flowers or figurines can get expensive. I would recommend using fresh flowers instead of gumpaste, and buy a topper online (or make a cute one!) instead of the figurine. 


Here are a few tips to save on your wedding cake. In the coming weeks I will post more tips to help you save some extra money.







Ruffle Cakes - Birthday and Wedding


Ruffle Cake Pictures


Here are a few more pictures of ruffle cakes that we have made over the years. Not only were they requested for weddings but we also made a lot of birthday ruffle cakes. Generally the birthday cakes did not incorporate a typical birthday design, instead they opted for the more elegant and clean look. Hope you love these cakes and that they can give you some ideas on what you need for your special day.


Below might be my favorite ruffle wedding cake. The swirl gives it a rose pedal ruffle look. Of the ruffle trends, this one is one of the newest.

Swirl Ruffle Cake



The next cake shows how the majority of brides incorporate their wedding colors. These are gumpast flowers which look great, I do prefer fresh flowers though. 

Simple Ruffle Cake



Pink was a popular color in 2014, I do see it continuing to be a trend in 2015. More gumpaste flower accents.

Pink Wedding Cake




This cake shows how gold can be added to the color scheme in a ruffle wedding cake. I like how gold brings in another dimention on the cake and gives it that high-end elegance.

Gold Tip Ruffle Cake





Ruffle Wedding Cakes


2015 Wedding Cake Trend



A lot of people don't appreciate a quality ruffle wedding or birthday cake. At first glance they look easy to do but in my opinion,  this type of cake is what sparates a talented cake decorator and a beginner.  It took hours of practice but I am happy with the result and I hope you love it too! 


This style of cake has been around for a bit but over the last few years it has really taken off as one of the most popular requested cakes. I love the look and feel of them as they are customizable for brides to match their taste, style and colors. The cake looks clean, elegant and simple all at the same time. If you are considering a ruffle cake, I would recommend only coloring the tip of the ruffles to match your color scheme. I don't recommend coloring the whole cake gold or pink, as it is just too much. A simple touch of color look great and I beleive the images below will prove that. Some brides decided to have an all white ruffle cake, but then their florist will add elements to perfectly match the wedding environment.


The best advice I can give to you, is to make a Pintrest board of all the cakes you like. Have it available when you meet for the consultation so the cake decorator can see your taste, colors and ideas. This always helped me when designing the perfect wedding cake and I'm sure the cake decorator will appreciate it. Last bit of advice, be flexible. The cake in the picture was decorated by a different cake decorator so the end result will be different as everyone has a slightly different spin on the end product.


Below are a few examples of ruffle wedding cakes we have made over the last couple of years. The first picture incorported gumpaste flowers instead of fresh ones. I like how they both look but the edge goes to fresh!







Here is a pink ruffle cake, I love the soft flow of the ruffles.




The bottom tier is a ruffle cake with the top two being plan fondant. Although I'm not a huge fan of the space between the tiers, I do like the fresh flowers.






Below is the lovely ruffle cake with a fresh rose to tie in the reception colors.




Look for another blog post on ruffle cakes in the coming weeks!




Purple Wedding Cakes


Of all the accent colors brides put on their wedding cakes, its safe to say that purple is the most popular. We wanted to show some of our purple cakes we have made to help give you some ideas on what you can do. Some we love, and others.....not as much. 


We love it when the cake has purple accents but don't like it when the whole tier is purple. With today's bride, they tend to shy away from a whole tier of purple and prefer more of a white cake, that is fondant or buttercream, with some touches of purple. In my opinion this keeps the cake simple but yet elegant. Another challenge with too much purple incorporated into the buttercream frosting or rolled fondant is that it will potentially hinder the taste. What I have found is that too much coloring will add a bitter taste to the fondant or buttercream. The bad taste is more obvious in the cupcake frosting or buttercream cakes I might add.



Most of the wedding cake pictures below I love and some are okay. In the end, it doesn't matter how I feel about the cake as this is your wedding and not mine!  My role as a cake decorator is to help you decide which style, pattern, color scheme, etc fits your personality best. To me this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of what I do, watching a bride get excited over their wedding cake. As we all know, the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the wedding reception. We keep this in mind as it motivates us to always do better, not only for our reputation but to help make the bride's evening one that will be unforgettable. We do our best, even if it means a solid purple cake :). 



See below but don't forget to visit our wedding cake picture gallery for more ideas!


Purple wedding cake with gumpaste flower


Purple Ombre Wedding Cakes


Purple Ombre Ruffle Wedding Cake


Purple cupcake wedding cake


Purple Wedding Cakes Utah


Purple Wedding Cake Pictures

Amazing Cakes


What determines that something is amazing? In the end each birthday, anniversary or wedding cake is amazing because they are unique. They have their own touch of personality or character. This is another aspect that I love about cake decorating, each cake is unique and has characteristics that make it amazing. Even the flaws can make the cake look better.


Below I have added five amazing cakes of 2014, I probably should have had a top 20 many to choose from! These cakes are fun, elegant, unique and different. None of them are perfect and what might be appealing to you, might not be appealing to your friends or coworkers.



I will add a quick description for each cake to give you my thoughts.


1. John Cooper and Robert Redford cake to celebrate 25 years of John Cooper running the Sundance Film Festival. I wish I had a better picture! Sorry I am not a professional at all with photos but this cake was a blast to make and present at Sundance earlier this year. We love making celebrity cakes, especiall amazing ones that mean something. Each item on this was a personal connection for the Sundance team.

Robert Redford John Cooper Sundance Cake



2. Easily one of the tallest wedding cakes we have made ever! This cake is simply amazing for the detail and the height. We had to deliver this cake in two different cars. We also had to borrow a later to finish the set up. Looks amazing.



3. Talk about an amazing birthday cake! This tea party themed birthday looked great and the cake just made it perfect. Each tier had a fun fondant design...this cake was delivered one hour away from our cake bakery.

amazing topsy turvy birthday cake



4. The photography skills are lacking but this cake was a challenge for us but it turned out amazing!  The suspended in air paint can definatly pushed our skill level but we are very please with how it came together.

Amazing Cakes



5. Simple. What I love is that this is a buttercream cake with cute rabbit fondant figures. We love to work with buttercream especially when the texture is 'rough'. This cake is amazing because it is simple and clean. 

 Rabbit Buttercream Birthday Cake



How much does a wedding cake cost?


Top Factors that Influence Cake Pricing


This is one of the first questions that come up when a newly engaged bride or groom begins their search for that amazing and perfect wedding cake. Having been in the wedding cake business for about 10 years now I can say that the cost of a wedding cake can’t be simply detailed on a website but I will do my best to give you insights into how the different cake options will affect the final price.

The easiest way to give an estimated cost is to price the wedding cake out by the number of servings. Many cake decorators will range between $4-$6 a serving. As you can imagine, the more detail work you request, the higher the cost per serving.


The best way to know the cost is to set up a cake tasting or cake consultation. This way you can discuss ideas and design the perfect cake. Then the cake decorator will have a clearer understanding of what you need and will be able to provide an accurate price.


But since you are here and want some insight into how much the cake will cost, here are other factors that will influence the price of your cake. The most influencial will be listed first:


1. Design Detail. The most expensive cost is directly correlated to how much time it will take a professional to make your cake. The more details, the longer it will take and the more expensive your cake will be.  Think of your car, when you take it in to get repaired….the longer they work on it the more expensive it costs. 


2. Number of servings. The number of guests will heavily influence the final price. The more guests, the more it costs.


3. Extras. With your cake are you going to add gumpaste flowers or figurines? These are time consuming projects so keep that in mind. Gumpaste flowers look amazing on a wedding cake but there is a higher cost to have them made. It is usually cheaper for your florist to get fresh flowers.


4. Buttercream or fondant. You can read my previous post on buttercream wedding cakes to get more details but in general these cakes are 'easier' to make and cost less for the couple. Fondant alone is expensive and it takes more time to work with it. To do quality fondant work, you need great fondant (expensive) and talented cake decorators.


5. Handwork - this falls in with the detail work but I wanted to touch on it. Think of any hand piping or hand painting on a wedding cake as art. You are getting a unique piece of art, a talent few have. This in turn increases the cost as it is art and its time consuming.


6. Real cake or Styrofoam - Styrofoam wedding cake tiers is a common practice. It helps reduce the cost as the cake shop doesn't need to pay a baker to bake the cake and the styrofoam tiers are easier to cover in fondant. 


7. Shape of the cake tiers - a round wedding cake is easier to work with than a square cake. With square cakes, you have corners you need to navigate which are more difficult to do. Have a cake that has a hexagon tier would increase the cost as well since they are more challenging to work with.


8. Colors of the cake - the number of colors on a cake is an important factor when determining the cost of a cake. The more colors you have, the more time it takes. If a cake was all one color, that would be easy to do. Some brides want each tier a little different to match their wedding scheme better but coloring fondant can be pretty time intensive.


9. The construction of a cake - a two tier and three tier wedding cake is fairly simple structurally, even a four tier is. When you get to cakes that are larger they require more supplies to support it so the cake wont fall or crumble. I love making the topsy turvy wedding cake but each time an order comes in for one it means I have to make a run to Home Depot to buy supplies which can cost up to $50, not including the time to run to the store.


10. Time of year - in Utah the winter months are slower for weddings, this usually means the prices are lower so the cake shop can have more orders. In the summer we are slammed and booked out months in advance. If you call a month before your wedding in the summer, you might get a higher quote.


11. Rush orders - It happens all the time, brides put off getting the cake until the last week. We do all we can to accomodate but we also charge a rush fee.


12. Distance to deliver the cake. The farther we drive the higher the delivery fee.



In the end, there are many factors that will help determine the cost of a wedding cake. These are a few. We have made $3,000 wedding cakes and we have made $150 wedding cakes. I would recommend having a budget in mind and letting the cake decorator know of this budget in advance. We always try to work with any budget.


To set up a cake tasting or consultation please click here and submit your information: Consultation Request






The Naked Wedding Cake



The naked cake is another 2015 wedding trend. In Utah, the naked cake trend slowly began in 2013 but has gained momentum each year. This year we have made at least a couple a week and we see this continuing to increase for a couple more years.

A couple of years ago we were asked by the talented Michelle Leo Events  to create a naked cake for a photo shoot that would later be featured on a national blog. We added this and a second photo to our Facebook page and it quickly became our most popular post that people either LOVED or HATED. It was funny to see how this cake could bring out so much emotion. Read the comments here: Naked Cake post or Small Naked Cake post



You can judge for yourself by looking at the images below. I personally love them but its understandable that others might not share that feeling.



As a newly engaged bride it is important to understand some positives and negatives on this cake design. Here are Some more thoughts to help guide you in the decision process:


-I love the naked cake for a few reasons but make sure to understand all the potential negatives before you make a decision on the final cake design.


-I love how this cake goes super well with rustic themed weddings. 


-I love how this style always looks good with added fresh flowers or fresh fruit. You will just have to decide if you prefer one over the other and goes with it.


-I love how imperfect this cake is, in other words, it has character. This is one thing that attracts me to cake decorating. Each cake is unique and it should be appreciated by all.


-It's simple and the cost is less than a fondant cake.


-The slightly dressed naked cake is one of my favorites (see images below). It has a light coat of buttercream giving it an elegant/rustic feel at the same time.




Things to keep in mind:


-There is a mutual feeling that naked cakes tend to be dry. For us, our cakes are generally moist and we rarely get complaints on it being dry. We aren't perfect so it has happened before, just not very often...maybe once a year. With this cake there will be a significantly less amount of frosting on the cake, which will lead to the dryness thought.


-They will not look perfect. If perfection is what you are after a different design might be a better fit. LIke mentioned early, I appreciate the 'non-perfect' look but in the end its the bride that needs to decide what she wants.


-The cake is your design, cakes bake different and never look the same. The naked cake limits your design options. Pretty much your design options include flowers from your florist, fruit added, powdered sugar to give it a nice touch or caramel drizzling down the sides.


-The cake will soak in the powdered sugar and caramel.....we add these two items to the cake when we arrive at the venue but there is a chance it will fad as the night goes on.


What are your thoughts? Love it or hate it?








Order your Thanksgiving pie from One Sweet Slice! Below are the flavors and pricing:


9" Cream Pies - $9.99 - Raspberry, Chocolate, Keylime, Banana and Coconut

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Pie One Sweet Slice


Sandy South Jordan Pies



Buttercream wedding cakes are making a come back in Utah. The buttercream cake trend has been picking up over the last 12 months and it will definitely be one of the wedding cake trends for 2015. We love these cakes and there are so many design options for buttercream to make the cake look elegant, simple but yet keeping the cake tasting amazing!

As a potential buyer of a buttercream cake, you also need to understand the advantages and the disadvantages of serving a buttercream cake:



Less Expensive - Typically your options are fondant or buttercream cakes. Fondant is expensive as a product and can be time consuming to work with which then means more labor hours you have to pay for.


Taste good - Fondant has come a long way since the 90's in regards to taste. The perception that everyone has is that fondant tastes like cardboard and its hard to change these opinions. At One Sweet Slice we use a great tasting product made in Austria which actually tastes pretty good.


Classic or Rustic feel to them - The messy buttercream wedding cake is very popular as it gives our brides a rustic feel which is a popular theme now a days. Some images below capture the messy look, see how the flowers were placed? It looks great!


Look great with fresh flowers - As mentioned above, flowers look very good on buttercream cakes. To me it looks fresh and clean and it makes the cake look increasingly better. Another plus is that the flowers can be matched to your wedding colors. Tying in the event feel and culture nicely. No one likes a plain looking cake. See teh pictures below for more ideas.


Easy to correct mistakes - This is primarily a cake decorator advantage, cake decorators make mistakes just like all businesses that provide a professional service. When a spatula accidently puts a dent into the buttercream design, all we have to do is add buttercream to the spatula, smear it on the cake and then redecorate that one section of the cake. Its a quick and easy fix.


Do great in cooler weather - We use real butter in all of our frostings. We all know what happens to butter when it sits in the sun and we also know what happens when it sits in the fridge over night and the disappointment you feel when you want to butter the toast!




  • Limited design options - There is only so much you can do with buttercream, but there are some great options though!
  • Creativity is limited - This ties into the first disadvantage, with fondant we can do just about anything you wish for a cake.
  • Difficult to match wedding colors - With real butter, you start with a yellow base color so when you add get a green hue to the cake color.
  • Do not do well in heat - Butter loves to melt. When transporting a cake you want the air conditioner cranked up.
  • Difficult to get a polished/clean look - We can do pretty good at making the buttercream look smooth but it will never be perfectly smooth.



For a wedding cake tasting and consultation please give us a call at our Salt Lake City, Utah area cake shop. 801-727-4275. We have select dates for consultations and we would love to treat you to some free cake and discuss your dream wedding cake ideas!


Here are a few buttercream designs, but keep in mind, if you can find it online...we can make the cake.


Gold Leafing Buttercream Cake


Messy Buttercream Cake


Textured Buttercream Wedding Cake


Fresh Flower Buttercream Cake


Buttercream cake ideas


Buttercream Wedding Cake Pink Flowers


Square Buttercream Wedding Cake

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At One Sweet Slice, tradition is important to us and we always love a traditional cultural wedding. Recently we were lucky enough to make a wedding cake for a Samoan couple. There were three things we noticed right away about the Samoan wedding

1. Lots of people! The Utah Samoan community is great at supporting each other and it was obvious at this wedding.

2. Lots of tradition. Traditional Samoan attire was worn by the majority of the attendees.

3. Roasted pigs for all. Yes, my mouth was drooling :). Looked amazing.

4. Cake after cake and then more cake. 


The wedding cake they ordered was a 3 tier cake as the centerpiece and then 10 other single tiered cakes. All were buttercream. We thought for sure our cake would feed plenty of their guests but to our surprise, there were 2 other cakes that their family made as well. These other 2 wedding cakes were also 3 or 4 tier cakes.

I wish all weddings in Utah were like this cute Samoan couples. Too bad I had 4 other deliveries because I wanted to stay!



After winning Cupcake Wars and being approached by Cedar Fort publishing, after a long process of gathering and testing recipes, we finally have our book available to everyone. It is at Barnes and Noble, Costco, Amazon, Seagull Books and other online locations. It is so odd seeing my book at the bookstore!

To celebrate we are doing a book launch party at our Sandy location. Besides signing books, we will have free cupcake decorating for kids and other activities.

Details: 9305 S. Village Shop Dr, Sandy, Ut 84094 Friday Oct 11th 5-7pm

Who is invited? EVERYONE! Please invite friends and family and share on Facebook. Also, when you buy the book, you get a coupon for a free cupcake :)

One Sweet Cupcake by Janell Brown


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